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“Hard things are put in our way, not to stop us, but to call out our courage and strength.” ― Unknown

What is Tribe Talks?

We want to do more than just tell our stories. We want to educate, inspire & learn from the other amazing parents within our community who all have a story to tell.

Tribe Talks are run weekly on a Friday. Sandy & Steph interview a parent from within the disability community who has a story to tell. It's a chance to learn how we can help from within our own communities, spread awareness & educate the broader community on what they can do to be more mindful and inclusive towards unique families.

If you feel you'd love to be a guest please email

Episode #1 : Heather Cox.

Meet Heather Cox, a beautiful Mum of two and founder of Arianna's Army. She will be joining us for our first #TribeTalks to share her experience with her daughters Sotos Syndrome diagnosis.

Episode #2 : Abigail Burton.

Featuring the incredible Abigail Burton. Abigail is a Mum, Blogger & Advocate and in Episode 2, she going to share her story with us detailing her journey and what she has learnt about love, loss, grit, family and the importance of community along the way.

Episode #3 : Rachel Privitera.

 Ep #3 of Tribe Talks. We are chatting to the beautiful Rachel Privitera. She will share a little about life with her son Cameron who was born with Cerebral Palsy & how living with disability can open our eyes in a different way. Don't miss this! #ThriveTribeAndCo

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