I’d love to put this photo up with a cute funny story about how Imogen wanted to go to school with 2 pairs of undies on, a singlet and shoes with no socks…. but it really wasn’t funny. And now I need to sit and cry into my cashew milk latte for a minute and try to focus on everything I’m grateful for.

Autism and ADHD are really hard some days. I’m constantly worried about Immy:
❌ Not eating
❌ Not sleeping
� Stripping of naked wherever she feels like it
� Not wanting to get dressed
� Refusing to get in the car
� Thinking the toilet is a great place to stick her hands in
� Not having social interactions with people
� Throwing everything she owns into her bedroom floor or across the house
� Sobbing because she can’t communicate what she needs or why she is sad.

She snuggled into my lap this morning as I ran her bath and I couldn’t help crying. She is getting so big and snuggles into me like a toddler. Her feet are huge, her determination even bigger and her reasoning and impulse control almost nonexistent.
It’s really terrifying.
Right now I’m grateful for my Cashew milk latte, the fact I don’t need to rush off to work whilst I’m an emotional mess. And the unwavering support we have from Immys school (particularly her incredible teacher), our family and our besties.
Deep breaths, stress tonic, hot shower and putting my big girl pants on very soon