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Are you listening to your body, mind & soul?

Tap tap tap…. Did you feel that?? Tap tap… That!? That tap on the shoulder… That headache. That cough. That sense of exhaustion. That feeling of stress, anxiety or sadness that won’t shift. That skin rash or breakout. That unwanted fat that won’t shift. That moment you snap for no reason. That sniffle. That tension …


The sun and the wind theory.

When I was about 4 years old, My Dad used to tell me the story about the wind and the sun every night at bedtime. The story went that, the wind and the sun were fighting about who was stronger. The wind bet the sun that he couldn’t remove the coat from a man walking …

Happiness Health

I am worthy.

When we first embarked on our special needs journey, I spent a lot of time googling autism on the internet. I gave up the things that were just for me because I felt like I wasn’t honouring her if I wasn’t dedicating my spare time to helping understand her. That was my process, but the …