Can you imagine having a toddler that doesn’t progress through that stage?

Can you imagine having a child (or adult) that looks a certain age but developmentally and emotionally is stuck there?

Can you imagine trying to explain budgeting and why they can’t have whatever they want all the time, every single time you’re out?

Can you imagine the stares from onlookers who think your child is a brat or rude?

Can you feel the judgement on your parenting?

Can you feel the eggshells you are walking on every time you leave the house and go into the community?

Can you feel the exhaustion when you finally get home after being in such a high state of alert?

Today, as I watched Imogen duck her head to navigate the toddler playground at the shopping centre, I had a split second of wondering how I might manage this when she’s 16 and won’t fit anymore. At 9 it’s a tight squeeze.

As I sat in the foyer of the movies whilst Immy ate her $8.50 popcorn (that I could’ve made at home for 90c), I wondered if she would ever actually watch a movie in a cinema.

As I watched my husband sleep on the lounge and Cooper crash as soon as we got home, I knew exactly why; cause I’ve felt it a thousand times before. Instant exhaustion.

This is a small snippet of what so many families like ours, experience. Everyday.

Why do I share it? To encourage understanding and compassion in the community. We never really know what is happening in the lives of those around us.

Always choose compassion & kindness 💜