No one likes the look of these right?! Everyone dreads that time when the letter or text comes and reminds you – It’s time for your Cervical Screening Test or previously known as Pap Smear (seriously who names these things?!)
Do you know how far technology has come???
I had the BEST conversation with my lady doctor today about Cervical Screening. She’s as passionate about these tests as I am about natural health, nutrition and self care. Here’s what I learned….
1) There are actually 3 sizes of these disposable speculum! Not kidding! My lady doctor is proud that she mostly uses the smallest size to help her patients feel more comfortable.
Ask your doctor what size they use… Some doctors believe in the one size fits all approach
She said to me… “see! Much smaller than a penis!”
2) The new tests the laboratory uses tests for the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which is a pre cursor to cervical cells developing cancer. Which means if no HPV is detected, you don’t need another test for 5 YEARS!! Woo hoo!!
This means even EARLIER detection. She even said it’s estimated that cervical cancer will be wiped out in Australia by 2030.
3) It takes less than 30 seconds of a teeny uncomfortable to preserve your life and detect and changes.
🔫 I’m thinking of this teeny speculum as my weapon to keep me safe… Charlie’s Angels style
🎁 I bought myself a gift for being amazing and making my self care a priority (a few new woo woo crystal necklaces that I’ve been wanting)
👙 I wore my nicest knickers! I know I’m not there to impress, but it made me feel better
👩‍⚕️ I found a doctor I feel comfortable with to do this. There is no way my everyday GP would be undertaking this task! He’s excellent with my kids and an expert in every other area, but I’m not comfortable with him doing this procedure. So I found an awesome lady doctor who does thousands of these tests every year!
😂 I made it light hearted and having a good giggle with my lady doctor. She was actually so excited when I asked her for a spare speculum to do an awareness post. We chatted about so much in my quick consultation
🙏 Choose gratitude – how amazing is it living in a country where this Screening and early detection test is covered by Medicare?! What a gift, who’s accepting their gift?
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TAG an accountability buddy and let’s change the perception of these screenings.
Self care isn’t always massages, facials and meditation. It’s making your health a priority even when it’s uncomfortable.
I’d love that prediction of no more cervical cancer in Australia by 2030 to become a reality. And it starts with us.

Sandy x