• What is Thrive Tribe?

    Thrive Tribe and Co is a solution-based community where we pour love and empowerment into everything we do. We are strong in the belief that putting your health first isn’t selfish, but a necessity and by banding together we are inspired and empowered. Let’s fill our own cups, put on those oxygen masks and focus on our health and wellness so we can be the mothers and women we deserve to be.

  • 28 Day Projects

    Join us for our series of 28 day projects 2019/2020. We want to enable you to opt in to the projects that fit your lifestyle and the areas that you need to work on. We are now offering you more flexibility than ever before. Get ready to sharpen those tools in your tool belt. You’ll be ready to cope with any of life’s challenges and we are here to support you all the way.

  • Thrive Tribe Community

    Thrive Tribe & Co Connect is a FREE Facebook group open to all Parents and carers of kids with additional needs. It’s a solution-oriented and positive space where you will find understanding, care, ideas and practical ideas from other special needs parents. Join us for a cuppa and debrief every a Saturday morning via Facebook live, to chat through our 3 step process from the week and recap the week that has been!

Sandy Golder | Founder of Thrive Tribe & Co.

Sandy is a proud Mum to two beautiful kids, Imogen and Cooper. Imogen is on the autism spectrum and has ADHD and anxiety. Sandy herself was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis in recent years.

Sandy's life is dedicated to helping people live their best and healthiest lives. She embodies this notion every single day through her health and business coaching which is completely centred about being your best self and living your life by design.

Stephanie Wicks | Co-Founder of Thrive Tribe & Co.

Stephanie is a doting Mummy to two little girls, Imogen and Charlotte. Charlotte has a speech and language disorder and a co-ordination impairment which affects her movement. Stephanie is just embarking on this journey but is already so passionate about educating women especially on the importance of a balanced and healthy body and mind whilst they tackle adversity. Stephanie runs a digital media agency and is passionate about helping women feel they can have and do whatever they set their mind to.

We have created a place for Warrior Mums like you can connect & fill your own cup.


    Learn strategies to cope with stressful situations and discover ways to prioritize your emotional wellbeing.


    Join us for quarterly 30-day health challenges to ensure you’re staying active and taking care of your body in small ways, every day.


    Join us for a series of 28 day programs to keep you motivated with a tribe of women who understand.


    A space filled with parents just like you, who understand your struggles and are there to empower and support one another. Connect & empower.

Special needs Mums are 150% more likely to die of Cardiovascular disease.

They are 200% more likely to die of misadventure including suicide.

...These statistics cannot continue!


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