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A lifeline for special needs parents & carers. A place where a brave face isn’t necessary. We are here to bring you up for air - its time to prioritise your health.

  • About Us

    Thrive Tribe and Co is a solution-based community of parents caring for special needs children. We are strong in the belief that putting your health first isn’t selfish, but a necessity.

  • Membership

    For those looking for a targeted approach to their health and wellbeing. Access fortnightly webinars and monthly downloadable resources that allow you to focus on a different area of your health with a community of like-minded people that are doing the modules with you!

  • Thrive Tribe Community

    Thrive Tribe & Co Connect is a FREE Facebook group open to all Parents and carers of special needs kids. It’s a solution-oriented and positive space where you will find understanding, care, ideas and practical ideas from other special needs parents.

Thrive Tribe & Co


Its the reason behind everything we want to achieve. Within 24 hours this video reached over 200,000 views on Facebook which just shows how many people can relate to my pain. The video is motivation for all parents especially special needs parents, to put themselves first. Let's start the conversation.

Benefits of Our Membership Program


    Learn strategies to cope with stressful situations and discover ways to prioritize your emotional wellbeing.


    Join us for quarterly 30-day health challenges to ensure you’re staying active and taking care of your body in small ways, every day.


    Healthy doesn’t have to be boring! We are constantly creating delicious, quick and easy recipes for the whole family and for parents on the go.


    A space filled with parents just like you, who understand your struggles and are there to empower and support one another. We are here to bring you up for air.

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Our Vision

1-1 Coaching :
This is a long term dream of ours to eventually be able to offer 1-1 health advice and support to those parents looking to revolutionize their lives. Watch this space.

Inner Circle Membership platform :
This is for parents/carers who want a more specific plan for improving their health and well-being. There will be fortnightly health and wellbeing challenges, a beautiful journal to keep you on track, group coaching, monthly webinars with special guests and more.

Thrive Tribe & Co Connect group on Facebook:

This is a space where all special needs parents/carers can connect, share advice and encourage and support one another. It's your community space and its Free to join. We work on parts of our Social Health here.

You do NOT need to be a member to access our Connect group. This group is always open and the membership program is completely optional.

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